Knights of Columbus Assembly

Supreme Officers

Vice Supreme Master:

S.K. Marvin Harris

State Master

Email:S.K. Liberato “Lee” Sandoval

Faithful Navigator

Email: Joe Laframboise

Joe Laframboise

Faithful Captain

Faithful Friar

Email: Fr. Jim Setelik

Fr. Jim Setelik
Fr. Jim Setelik

Faithful Admiral

Faithful Scribe

Email: Jim Smith

Jim Smith
Jim Smith

Faithful Comptroller

Email: Jim Baushke

Jim Baushke

 Faithful Purser

Email: Donald Jeffrey

Don Jeffrey
Don Jeffrey

 Faithful Pilot

 Faithful Inner Sentinel

Richard Good

Richard Good
Richard Good

 Faithful 3rd Year Trustee

Steven J. Wood

 Faithful 2nd Year Trustee


 Faithful 1st Year Trustee

John Solt

John Solt

Faithful Outer Sentinel

 Paul Nye

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